What is Global Winter Holidays?

Winter is a time when people usually choose to stay indoors and save themselves from the flinching cold winds and nail-biting chill in the air but, do you know that winter is also the time when people celebrate many festivals and holidays all around the world. 

So in this blog, we will tell you about the December global holidays and how people all around the world enjoy the winter season with different traditions and festivals. 

  1. Hanukkah

The welcoming of this winter season is done by celebrating Hanukkah. For eight days in the month of November, the Jews light a candle and remember a miracle of ancient times. There is specific and traditional food prepared during the fest.

  1. Three Kings Day

This day is celebrated when the twelve days of Christmas end. So, the Three Kings Day is one of the important winter holidays 2021. It is celebrated to mark the gifts bought by three wise men for baby Jesus Christ. 

  1. Winter Solstice

On December 21, the winter solstice is celebrated. This day is the shortest day of the year and is celebrated to mark the return of big days. Bonfires are lit and people light different candles to ensure that the sun comes back.

  1. St. Lucia Day

One of the most famous ethnic holidays in December is St. Lucia Day. This day is celebrated in the memory of the little girl Lucia who helped people. Little girls are dressed as Lucia in white gowns and red sashes on December 13 to honor her. 

  1. St. Nicholas Day

This is a very famous day celebrated in many countries all across Europe. People celebrate this day to remember St. Nicholas, the man who is known to start the tradition of Santa Claus. People celebrate the day by handing out gifts and preparing feasts.

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